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An explanation of what the blog is about.


Hello dear readers,

This blog, On the Water of Underneath, is about New York Parks and the effects we can expect to see in them from Climate Change. This semester I have been exploring many parks and reading scholarly articles to understand what will change in the green landscape of New York. I will be publishing my findings here on the blog in two different forms. A Park Blog will detail my visit to a park, what is being done to conserve it, and what are the possible effect of climate change. The other type of blog is a Science Blog, which will go in depth into articles I’ve read that explain what will happen to New York in the future and what can be done to help stop climate change or at the very least protect New York from its effects. I will be supplementing my blog posts with photos I’ve taken at various parks around NY.

Brooklyn11252015_009 4x5

This image is from the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn.

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